Siemens S30810-Q2261-X100 DSCX, Перестроенный

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Производитель: Siemens
Состояние : Перестроенный
номер детали, присвоенный производителем: S30810-Q2261-X100 DSCX
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The data processor board and serial channel extended (DSCX) board is the central processor of the HiPath 4300. This board performs ADP processing, which includes controlling the SCSI bus and provides basic system switching functions, tone processing (incoming), conference bridge, system clock control, and HDLC / VXDX termination.

The DSCX board:

Requires at least Hicom 300 H V1.0 software

Uses SIPAC connectors

Provides an Ethernet LAN interface

Uses flash memory for quick loading of boot, loadware, and firmware

If your system has the ATM feature, you must have a clock generator on the DSCX board. The clock generator on the DSCX board synchronizes with the clock on the STMA board.

The DSCX is equipped with the following:

  • CPU PentiumAMD K6III+/400 for system control
  • MPC860 preprocessor (SIUL) to support DCL data transfer, MTS and SIU
  • Additional built-in clock generator
  • 512 Kbyte Flash EPROM
  • Pluggable 64 or 96 MB DRAM module
  • One serial V.24 interface on the front panel featuring transmission speeds of 19200 baud in asynchronous mode and 9600 baud in synchronous MSV1 mode
  • One SCSI interface for HOT or external MO drive on the front of the back panel
  • Additional LAN module
  • Accumulator-backed system clock

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